Product Manager MBA

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Product Manager MBA

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Product Manager MBA is a free self-paced course built purely by curation to provide a structured learning experience to aspiring PMs. 

The course goes through all the essential modules like Product Management 101, Technology for PMs, Design for PMs, Product Growth & Launch strategies, Mastering Product Management tools, Portfolio and Resume building, Cracking Product Interviews, and many more

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Course content

videoBuilding a career using the Internet โ€” King Sidharth41 m 23 s
videoProduct Manager vs Project Manager by Viren Baid2 m 26 s
video20 Years of Product Management in 25 Minutes by Dave Wascha29 m 54 s
videoProduct Managers Day Book2 m
videoThe Art of Product Management with Sachin Rekhi1 h 7 m 5 s
video[Notes] The Art of Product Management with Sachin Rekhi2 m
video80+ terms that you should be aware about as a Product Manager10 m
video๐Ÿ†Completion of Product Management 10110 s
videoWhy do we need product artifacts/documentation?1 m
videoProduct Requirement Documents (PRDs) by Kind Sidharth1 h 12 m 36 s
videoProduct Template: Product Requirements Document (PRD)15 m
videoHow to Create a Product Vision by Dropbox PM, Tansik Koyuncu25 m 10 s
videoThe Art of Building a Roadmap45 m 1 s
videoProduct Template: Roadmaps5 m
videoCreating simple User Personas8 m 22 s
videoProduct Template: User Persona5 m
videoCustomer Journey Mapping2 m 17 s
videoProduct Template: Customer Journey Maps5 m
videoUser flow Mapping8 m 26 s
videoProduct Template: User Flow5 m
videoFeature Prioritization & Frameworks22 m 30 s
videoProduct Template: Feature Prioritization5 m
videoDesign Sprint 1014 m 29 s
videoProduct Template: Design Sprint5 m
videoProduct Launch 10156 m 2 s
videoProduct Template: Product Launch5 m
videoSprint Retrospectives2 m 28 s
videoProduct Template: Retrospectives5 m
video๐Ÿ†Completion of Understanding Product Artifacts1 m
videoFirst 100015 m
video60+ Bite-Sized Growth Hacking Case Studies15 m
video๐Ÿ†Completion of Growth and Launch1 m
videoHow Do Product Managers and UX Designers Work Together?6 m 20 s
videoDesign thinking and User experience for Product Managers1 h 13 m 33 s
videoUX Design for Product Managers1 h 3 m 10 s
videoWireframing for Newbies18 m 49 s
videoFigma UI Design Crash Course24 m 22 s
videoTechnology for Product Managers6 h
videoBuilding Side Projects - pre read2 m
videoHow to Build a Side Project6 m 15 s
videoWhat is NoCode?17 m 35 s
videoHow to build Software with NoCode22 m 58 s
videoNo-Code Discovery15 m
videoNo-Code Cheat Sheet5 m
videoBest NoCode tools5 m
videoSoftr Tutorial Videos [NoCode Tool]5 m
video[Scholarship] Get paid to ship yourย side project5 m
video๐Ÿ† Completion of Product Portfolio1 m
videoMaking a Product Manager Resume10 m 49 s
videoProduct Manager Resume templates/examples1 m
video๐Ÿ† Completion of Product Resume1 m
videoBuild A Product Manager Portfolio7 m 59 s
videoPortfolio Examples1 m
video๐Ÿ† Completion of Product Portfolio1 m
videoBasics of Product Interviews31 s
videoCrack the Product Manager Interview1 h 15 m 21 s
videoSolve a Product Manager Case Study in 4 Simple Steps11 m 51 s
videoBasics of Solving Case Study Questions1 h 14 m
videoProduct Case Decks Examples1 m
videoProduct Manager Mock Interviews1 m
videoMock Interview: Improve Spotify's Social Features (LinkedIn PM)25 m 11 s
videoMock Interview: Improving Google Maps (Microsoft PM)23 m 45 s
videoMock Interview: Improve WhatsApp (Google PM)44 m 12 s
videoMock Interview: Facebook Movies (Facebook PM)30 m 42 s
videoAmazon Product Manager Mock Interview (Amazon PM)23 m 9 s
videoMock Interview: Flipkart Root Cause Analysis (Razorpay PM)26 m 6 s
videoPreparing for PM Interviews1 m
videoPrepare for Your Google Interview: Project, Product, and Program Management6 m 7 s
videoeCommerce Product Management Interview49 m 37 s
videoProduct Interview Mistakes (LinkedIn Sr PM)20 m 33 s
video๐ŸŽ Bonus Resources1 m
videoQuestions to ask at the end of the interview2 m
video๐Ÿ† Completion of Cracking Product Interviews1 m
videoProduct Management YouTube channel to follow
videoDay in the Life of a Product Management Intern at Startups10 m 35 s
video8 Platforms and Strategies to get your first Product Management Job/Internship13 m 25 s
video6 Rounds of a Product Manager Interview11 m 4 s
videoGuide to solving a Product Case Study18 m 14 s
videoFinding your Product Management Mentor7 m 52 s
videoEverything about Rotational APM programs7 m 55 s
videoCold emails for Product Management Jobs and Internships13 m 5 s
video1200+ Free Product Management Resources9 m 14 s
videoJoin the Product Manager MBA Community
video1V1 Personal Career Counselling with Balaji (Founder of Product Manager MBA)

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Product MBA

Product MBA

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Product Manager MBA is a free self-paced course built purely by curation to provide a structured learning experience to aspiring PMs.

Product Manager MBA is a curation and the credit to the content goes to their respective creators.