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How is Product Manager MBA different?

Product Manager MBA is a free self paced course built purely by curation to provide a structured learning experience to aspiring PMs.

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Our Curators

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Վիկտորիա Մալայան

Pathange Balaji Rao

Indiehacker @ multiple products

Co-Founded 2 Startups, Ex-Product at Setu, INDmoney, Tyke,, BridgeUp, Scaled multiple Side Projects reaching to Millions of users in 192 Countries

Վիկտորիա Մալայան

Rohan Varshney

Senior @ VIT Vellore

2X Founder, Nationals ⚽ & 🥋 winner, VIT '24 | Scaled two businesses to 8 figures

Վիկտորիա Մալայան

Pranay Gaddam

Senior @ IIIT Gwalior

Ex-Product @ Healmeright, IIIT Gwalior '23

What our Students Say

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Product Managers are mostly self learners. This self learn course is a great resource for a product enthusiast to know and learn about product management.

I would highly recommend this course. This course along with interview preparation is enough to crack any job.

Մարի Դարդանյան
Venkatesh Gupta
Product Manager II at Razorpay

I would recommend this free course to anyone trying to get their first job as a Product Manager. Kudos to the team for putting together a curated list of PM resources in a structured way that's easy to consume and retain for the learner. In an age where a plethora of paid PM courses in the market offers little to no value to the course taker, this course is a welcome relief. I believe the course will help learners understand the PM role and the skills needed to succeed and develop their soft skills as future Product Managers.

Մարի Դարդանյան
Santhosh Kumar Ramesh
Product Manager at Pratham Education Foundation

To become a PM, I think you should follow a structured learning. This course promises you the same without you spending any penny. As a PM, you have to learn a lot of things on the go and I think this self paced course should be the first start for you.

Մարի Դարդանյան
Naman Goyal
Product Manager II

The creator of the course has done super work to aggregate top-notch resources to master product management. I'd like to recommend this course to anybody who wants to venture into Product.

Մարի Դարդանյան
Satyaki KC
Content Manager at ZKX

This was one of the best curated online course for product management I came across. If you are a beginner. This course will help you with everything you need to get started.You can learn PM & understand its dynamics in a short period of time once you finish the course & you not gonna miss anything.

Մարի Դարդանյան
Shubham Raj
Student Entrepreneur - Upcultus, Enseed

Product Management can be pretty overwhelming at the start. With an enormous amount of unstructured content online, it isn't easy to get started and understand the basics. The teamhas compiled some of the best resources here and bundled them in a well-structured course that'll surely help you know everything necessary to build the right product mindset, with the flexibility of learning at your own pace. Highly recommend this to anyone exploring and looking to dive into product management!

Մարի Դարդանյան
Shrey Gupta
Product Intern

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